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3D Design: wOrld

The 3D world of HOME X digital performance was designed by artist Donald Shek, from the initial visual concepts to building the world using digital drawing apps, 3D computer graphics software, and the video game engine Unity.


The space is influenced by history, geography, mythology, and concepts nurtured during the R&D stages of the project and at it’s inception.  The world is familiar with references to local vernacular buildings, flora, and fauna from both the United Kingdom and Hong Kong, yet an oddly mystical landscape that forms the backdrop to the story of Home X.  

As you further explore the colorful landscape you may encounter musical compositions inspired by the variety of nature that exists in both the UK and HK.  The detail and textures are enhanced not just visually through digitally painted assets but through auditory depth within the world.  Each element of the world was meticulously designed through not just geographical references but a mosaic of ideas linked to real-life experiences by the whole team to help enrich the story with symbolism and allegory.


When you enter the world of HOME X you will experience it through an avatar from a 3rd person’s viewpoint.  The avatar themselves are natives of this world.  The character design is reminiscent of a tree root that was initially inspired by Penghou(彭侯), a tree spirit from Chinese mythology.  


Your avatar can walk around, jump, and perform a series of expressions that enable you to explore and interact with your fellow audience avatars and performers.  The story will unfold as you may partake in specific tasks, such as planting seeds, cutting trees, and gathering chi as these interactions are all a choice if you so wish but doing so will either move the story along or ultimately change and grow your avatar as you experience the story of Home x.

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