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Dance performance meets cutting edge technology in this live show that combines theatre, music, gaming and VR technology created with artists in London and Hong Kong.

The award-winning team behind HOME X is excited to announce their next cutting-edge production, combining theatre, music, gaming, and VR technology. This innovative live performance was created in collaboration with technologists and artists in London and Hong Kong. Learn about different elements of the production through the following categories:




3D Design




An-Ting Chang, Ian Gallagher and Donald Shek have created a 3D world where digital audience members can join as native creatures. Live performers from Hong Kong and the UK will be captured as 3D images by depth-sensing cameras and added to the world. In-person audience members in both locations will see half of the performers live in the venue and the other half as 3D projections on an immersive screen.

An-Ting 安婷 (director/composer of HOME X ) says "In HOME X, we are using technology as a form of artistic expression to create a new way of experiencing and telling stories. Through this project, we aim to explore the potential of technology to bring people together and transcend physical boundaries. The remote audience will actively participate in the game, while the live audience witnesses these different realities intersecting in various ways. We aim to create a powerful and engaging experience that brings people together in a meaningful way."

Ian Gallagher (Creative Technologist of HOME X) says "I am incredibly proud of the work that has gone into creating Home X and I can't wait for audiences to experience it for themselves. It is a truly unique and innovative performance that offers a new way for audiences to connect with each other and with the performers. I believe it will be a truly unforgettable experience."

Donald Shek (3D Designer of HOME X) says, “In this ever-changing world, our differences can be a source of animosity and separation or a chance for us to grow and create something to be cherished, remembered, and respected. Through learning and understanding ourselves, each other, and the world around us, we can find our own place to call home.”


HOME X is co-produced by Kakilang (formerly Chinese Arts Now) and their Hong Kong partner, Don't Believe in Style and co-commissioned by Cambridge Junction, Oxford Contemporary Music and York Theatre Royal. The work is supported by StoryFutures and The Space, originally commissioned by British Council Hong Kong.

creative Team



HOME X by An-Ting Chang, Ian Gallagher, Donald Shek

An-Ting Chang 


Ian Gallagher                                                                                               


Donald Shek                                                                                                


Henry Lam                                                                                                  


Christine Ting - Huan 挺歡 Urquhart                                                          


Daniel York Loh                                                                                             


Mia Foo                                                                                                         


Si Rawlinson (UK), Suen Nam (HK)                                                              


Colette Wing Wing Lam                                                                              

David Howard                                          


Director / Composer

Creative Technologist

3D Designer

Experience Designer

Costume Designer


Actor Gamer / Intro Video Maker



Sound Consultant

Community Producer

Marketing Manager


UK Administration Manager


UK Production Manager


UK Stage Manager

Hong Kong Director

Hong Kong Producers

Game Developers

production Team


Katrina Man


Sandy Wan   


Apollonia Bauer 


Hannah Blamire 


Brent Tan 

Dino Fung                                                                                                    

Henry Lam, Fo Liu                                                                                        

Ian Gallagher (lead), Toshi Wong, Sin Hang Kan, Logan Lee   

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