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The soundscape in HOME X is created from the natural field recordings. It includes 38 kinds of birdsongs from UK and HK, the land sound from Portugal Evora and a drum set. An-Ting was inspired by the richness of the natural sound and desire to share it with people. Birds and other animals naturally create layers of sound which put the acoustic world into a harmony. 

After finding the harmony at dawn, an electronic drum set  was joined and multiple layers of audio effects where human civilisation takes over the natural world. 

The music will all be performed live in HOME X. An-Ting collaborate with opera singer Colette Wing Wing Lam thorough NDI and Ableton live and stream the sound through WebRTC to Unity where the game takes place. Wing Wing interprets the poem ‘The Sea’ by one of the emperors of the Three Kingdom, Cao Cao, in Cantonese on top of the soundscape. The music uses natural sound, electronic drums and the emperor's poem to explore humanity's ambition and complex feelings about home and roots. 

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